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Gravel paving is the most economical option for roads, driveways, or lots. Gravel paving is a step up from dirt roads. It holds the road, and prevents wash-outs. Gravel is durable and inexpensive. It is the least expensive way to have a stable road or drive. If you need a solid, reliable road, but don’t have a large budget, gravel paving may be the way to go. You can upgrade to traditional paving at a later date if you’d like.


Gravel paving for roads, driveways, and parking lots is quicker than traditional paving. Once the ground is graded and prepared, the gravel is mixed and applied. Our crews can level, spread, and pack gravel very quickly. If you need a surface laid down quickly, gravel is is the quickest and cheapest solution.


Cameron Paving will personally consult with you to determine if gravel paving is right for your project. We advise clients on all the options for paving. We will also discuss any specific needs regarding geography, ground material, and water run-off. Each job is different, and we bring over 35 years experience in paving to every project. You get experience combined with personal attention to make sure you are satisfied with your paving.


Gravel roads are a great option for remote or private roads. You can create rural roads economically with gravel. Gravel paving is a great cost-effective alternative to traditional paving for large and/or remote projects. Gravel roads are far superior to dirt roads for logging, construction, or other temporary (but heavily travelled) roads.


If you are considering gravel paving, you may want to upgrade to reclaimed asphalt for a little more money. Since the road has to be graded and packed anyway, you may want to go with reclaimed asphalt instead. To learn more about Reclaimed Asphalt, click here.


We do all the necessary excavation and grading for your gravel road or driveway. Since that base work is already done, it is easy to upgrade to traditional asphalt paving in the future. The groundwork has literally been laid for blacktop paving. Whenever the time comes to pave your gravel road, it is quicker and less expensive since you are already halfway there.


We serve all of Maine! Our primary service area is Central, Coastal, & Northern Maine, but we will come to you wherever you are in Maine. Some of the towns we have done projects in the past are: Belfast, Brewer, Calais, Camden, Dover-Foxcroft, Ellsworth, Greenville, Jackson, Machias, Searsport, and Waterville. Contact us to set up a consultation, and schedule paving in your neck of the woods.