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Reclaimed asphalt is recycled asphalt that has been torn up from a previous project. The asphalt is crushed and mixed with gravel for a new project. This surface performs like a gravel road but with easier maintenance and plowing. It is superior to a dirt or gravel road because it keeps your surface completely solid and free of mud.


Reclaimed asphalt is an excellent choice if you want to manage costs. It is one of the most economical options for paving roads, driveways, and parking lots. The recycled asphalt is poured over the area to be paved, then pressed into place. This saves money, materials, labor, and time.


Since the asphalt is recycled, no new petroleum products are created. Reclaimed asphalt reuses existing materials, making it a low footprint paving option. The Federal Highway Administration supports the use of recycled asphalt for road and highway construction.

Reclaimed asphalt helps preserve the environment by reducing waste. It provides a cost-effective material for constructing roads, driveways, and parking lots. Recycle, reuse, and reclaim!


Cameron Paving will personally consult with you to determine if reclaimed asphalt is right for your project. We advise clients on all the options for paving. We will also discuss any specific needs regarding geography, ground material, and water run-off.

Each job is different. We bring over 35 years of experience in paving to every project. You get experience combined with personal attention to make sure you are satisfied with your paving.


Reclaimed asphalt performs better than gravel because the surface is solid. It is easier to plow than a gravel road. Reclaimed asphalt holds up to harsh Maine winters better than dirt or gravel.


Once reclaimed asphalt is laid down, it is an easy step to go to full asphalt paving. If you decide to upgrade in the future, it is simple to lay down traditional asphalt. It lays down a solid base, providing an economical option to upgrade in the future.


We serve all of Maine! Our primary service area is Central, Coastal, and Northern Maine. However, we will come to you wherever you are in Maine.

Some towns where we have done projects in the past include Belfast, Brewer, Calais, Camden, Dover-Foxcroft, Ellsworth, Greenville, Jackson, Machias, Searsport, and Waterville. Contact us to set up a consultation. We can schedule paving in your neck of the woods.